Mortgage Under Management

In order to prepare an in depth analysis of your situation, I will need the following information:

1. Original Loan Amount
2. First Payment Date of current financing
3. Current Loan Balance
4. Current Rate
5. Current Payment excluding Escrows
6. Home Insurance Annual
7. Taxes Annual
I am also interested in your long and short term financing goals. Would you like to pay this loan off faster or would you like to build a savings account with the savings from this refinance? Are you willing to to raise the payment to shorten the loan term?
How long do you intend to keep this property? Will you purchase another and keep this one or do you plan to sell in the next while and use that equity for a new purchase? Will you keep this home and rent it?
Once I have this information I can easily compare your current situation with options that you may have today. This will give you in depth information to assist you in making an informed decision on what type of loan best fits your long and short term payment and equity objectives.


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